Business Loan

Business Type Major Requirements

Sole Proprietorship

  • DTI Permit


  • Articles of Partnership


  • Articles of Partnership with By-laws
  • Updated General Information Sheet (GIS
  • Board’s Resolution with Secretary’s Certificate

Minor Documentary Requirements

  • 2 Valid IDS
  • 2×2 ID Picture of the Borrower
  • Trade and References (at least 2 of each)
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Relatives | Employees

Other Documentary Requirements

  • 6 mos Original Copy | Printout of Checking Account Bank Statements with used microfilm
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Sketch of Business and Home Address
  • Picture of Business
  • Latest Proof of Billing (Business and Residence)
  • Bank Certification
  • With existing checking account or credit card (Preferred but not required)
  • With good credit history with no unpaid bank loans and delinquent or closed credit card